About us

Kennel Hjelme was founded in 1983 with the Border Terrier Dalshøj Hamish.

For many years, Border Terriers were the sole breed of the kennel.

Our children were involved in the dog activities. At the age of 7 our daughter, Stine, had her debut in the show ring as a junior handler.

Stine got her first Chow Chow (Mandela) in 2010 and attended hereafter DKK's education for breeders.

In 2013 we entered into a kennel community and Kennel Hjelme now consists of both Border Terriers and Chow Chows.

You can read more about us at: 

About us – Border Terrier
About us – Chow Chow

Welcome to our kennel

Lene, Ole and Stine Hjelme


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