Before you buy a dog

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All puppies are adorable and one can easily be tempted into an "impulse". But when you buy a dog you have also chosen an additional member of the family for the next 10-15 years.

You have some important considerations to make before you invite a dog into your home and heart.

Your time

How much time does your work and hobbies take up of your time?

You must have as well the desire as the time to care for a dog. You have to walk, train and nurture it. Some breeds have a high level of activity, some breeds have a big coat that needs grooming. These aspects influence the numbers of hours a day you need to spend with/on your dog.

How many hours do you leave the dog when you go to work?
Some dogs handle it fine being home alone, others find it difficult.

Your lifestyle

Do you live alone, are you a couple or a large family with children? Do you live in a house with a garden or in an apartment on the third floor? Do you prefer relaxing on the couch watching a movie, getting started on new activities or perhaps just something in between?

Your finances

The acquisition cost is only a fraction of the cost associated with having a dog.

A variety of equipment must be in place when your new dog is moving in. Things like water and food bowls, collar / harness, leash, toys, dog bed / pillow and perhaps a crate.

You need the mandatory dog insurance, and perhaps the optional health insurance. Along with health check and vaccinations at the vet and training costs.

And of course you also need to feed the dog – both regular dog food and the additional treats and bones.

Choosing the breed

You need to have the above aspects in mind when you are choosing which breed to get.

Are you looking for small or a large dog, which activity level matches you, how much time do you like to spend on grooming?

It's also a good idea to have the breed's original properties in your consideration (ex. hunting, herding, company).

You can read more about Border Terriers and Chow Chows  in the menu items above.

Where to get your new dog

Once you have decided on a breed the next step is to choose where to buy your new dog.

Always choose a serious breeder. This way you ensure that your new dog has had a god upbringing and been prober socialized.

It is recommended to visit some different breeders. They’ll be able to tell you more about the breed and you get a change to check for good vibes between you and the breeder. A good relation and trust is important when buying a new puppy. This is the foundation for a good cooperation both when choosing the puppy, moving it to a new home and the following advice and assistance from the breeder.

Breeders in DKK (Danish Kennel Club) are obligated to follow DKKs instructions for breeding (including breeding restrictions, breeding recommendations and ethical advices).

Breeders who have completed DKK's breeder education have gained knowledge of breeding, health and socialization.

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