About us – Border Terrier

How it all started

I – Lene grew up with pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, hamsters and guinea pigs.

As an adult I had an Alsatian and a Siamese cat, when Ole and I moved in together.

When the Alsatian was gone, we got a Beagle, Tanja, who had been living with Oles parents. A sweet and charming little dog, but it was wasting one’s breath to call her, when she was on the loose. Unfortunately she fell ill, and we had to let her go, but we had a plan.

We had seen an article in the news paper about a small dog which looked like a small giraffe with a moustache. And the description was irresistible, - otter head, enduring, charming and much more.

Our first Border Terrier

We were so lucky to get in contact with Hanne Sonne (Kennel Dalshøj), and from her we had Hamish.

Hamish was a clever boy, and he soon learned to run into the kitchen when the family was having dinner, and pretending that now, now, now – and when Ole rushed to the door to open it for him, Hamish jumped on the chair, and enjoyed some of Oles dinner. Not very popular, but great fun.

Our next border, Tulle (Dalshøj Nitouche) and Hamish both gained the DKCH title, and started our passion for showing. But as it is a working breed, we both ended up with a hunting certificate. Ole is still a very active hunter, where as I spend my time on the dogs trimming, showing and breeding.

Anyway, in the start we went to a lot of foxhunts with our Border Terriers.


Before breeding we had to have a prefix, and we ended up with ‘Hjelme’ our name, and so we established our kennel in 1986 where we had our first litter. Tulle was sired by Dandyhow Knight Errant who lived in the Netherlands with Minka Crucq, kennel of the Half House. From this litter we kept Hjelme Alexis aka Alex.

Now our interest lead to breeding onward. Trying to find good partners for our bitches, to breed Border Terriers of true type and temperament.

Our great dogs

Our first import was Tallarnas Tiff-Annie from Mona Hedman, Kennel Tallarnas in Sweden. She loved to go hunting with us, but in the working test she was waiting for the fox to kill it which doesn’t give so many points in a test.

Tiffie was a wonderful bitch, who gave some great offspring.

Her son Hjelme Ivanhoe aka Scotty (by Dalshøj Quincy, who was a son of Mansergh Pearl Diver) was a true border, and truly missed, when he left us.

The next import was Orenberg Night Commander aka Jason from Jayne Gillam, kennel Orenberg in England. He also had looks and brain, and was an excellent working dog with offspring with a lot of hunting passion.

Jason had the best Border Terrier temperament I have ever met. Never a growl at other males and very loving. At a show in Germany in very hot weather Jason was on the table being admired by the judge. He gave a sigh and just laid his head on her bosom. Guess who was BOB.

Another great experience was when Hjelme Name the Game aka Muffe 1. won BIS at the German Border Terrier show. Muffe moved to Sweden, where he gave some really good working offspring.

Some of Minka Crucq’ friends went on Holiday in Denmark, and got our address for a border contact, and this is how we met Ans and Marc Schellekens from the Netherlands, kennel Mountain Dew.

This was in 1993, and we have been friends ever since. Jason moved to live with them when he retired, and they lived happily ever after until he was 14 years old.

When Jason had left them, they missed a male, and now we own Glebeheath Lewis N’Hjelme together. Lewis is from Julie Guvercin, Kennel Glebeheath, UK, in return for Hjelme Noggin.

By now we have 3 dogs at home, all born in our kennel. Muffe 2. is the working dog in the family, and the bitches Hjelme Lagavulin aka Zoe and Hjelme Once Upon A Time aka Gizmo mostly do obedience and a little blood tracking. They both are having fine show careers and all 3 of them are a wonderful part of our Family.

Last, but not least, our daughter, Stine, has joined the kennel with her chow chows.

Border Terrier Hjelme Lagavulin Lene og Ole Hjelme Crufts