LLOYD sponsorship

At the dog shows it is, of course, the dogs that are being judged, but most handlers also dress up in nice clothes. For me, it's about making a good overall impression. Many hours have been spend before each exhibition in order to be able to show a dog in good shape and nice coat condition - it should not be destroyed by a sloppy handler ;-)

When I run into the ring my focus is 100% on showing my dog to its very best. This means that I also have to perform. I do this, among other things, by wearing good shoes when I enter the ring - and it just a plus that the look great.

LLOYD has sponsored two pairs of shoes for me. A pair of sneaks and a pair of leather shoes. Both are super delicious to wear - and so far they have also provided good luck, as we have had amazing results wearing them. Maybe the dog at the end of the leash also had a paw in the game :-)

Many thanks to LLOYD


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