We have a World Winner!

Every year there’s a World Dog Show (WDS), where the winning dogs in each breed are named World Winners. In 2021 WDS was held in Brno (Czech Republic), and I had taken a road trip with Nelly and Gracie. A few days before WDS we participated at an ordinary international dog show - and here our trip started quite well. Gracie won best bitch and Nelly became 2nd best bitch after her daughter.

In 2021 WDS has held Sunday October 3rd and probably like all other participants, I had a dream of winning a World Winner title. This day the dream come true! First Gracie wins her class, then the CACIB competition gaining the title; World winner 2021 and then Nelly was placed as runner-up for the title. Wow! how happy and proud I was.

Chow Chow Hjelme Easy Lover World Winner WDS  Hjelme Chow Chow WDS World Dog Show Bar-Fang's Hong-Se Yue-Liang

And then some…

My wish came true and sometimes the sky’s the limit. Together with the 5 other winners in the breed (junior male / female, veteran male / female and the CACIB male) Gracie should compete for Best of Breed – and she also wins this competition! This means that she will represent the Chow Chow in the finals in the main ring. All the Best of Breed World winners in Group 5 (Spitz and primitive types) meet to compete for podium places. This goes amazing and Gracie wins a podium place, as no. 5 in Group 5 - among 41 other breed winners, who together represented 1,298 entered dogs in Group 5.

Chow Chow Hjelme Easy Lover World Winner WDS Stine Hjelme   Chow Chow Hjelme Easy Lover World Winner WDS Stine Hjelme   

What an achievement to win a place at the podium at the World Dog Show with my own breeding! Many thanks to the judges who recognized and valued Gracie's qualities.

Breed judge: Grzegorz Weron, PL
Group judge in the main ring: Kristina Vaníčková, CZ

You can find the results for the other Chow Chow’s here: Netchows show news 

What we brought home

Gracie – Hjelme Easy Lover (link til her page)

  • The title World Winner 2021
  • Best of Breed
  • Best in Group no. 5
  • Czech champion
  • Czech CMKU champion
  • 2 x CACIB
  • 2 x Czech cac’s

Nelly – Bao-Fang’s Hong-se Yue-Liang (link her page)

  • Runner-up World Winner 2021
  • Czech champion
  • 2 x reserve CACIB
  • 2 x Czech cac’s
I’m so proud of my girls  😊

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