Goodbye Mandela

This is hard to put in writing, because it means that this is not just a bad dream but the reality…

My one and only Mandela has left me with a broken heart Our time together has been cut short – I thought we agreed you should live for the rest of my life.

Only in my memory and heart will I ever again see your smiling face, touch your beautiful fluffy body, feel our special connection, share my thoughts with you walking in the forest.

I’m forever grateful that you came into my life and granted me your unconditional love – in true Chow Chow style. Together we have had countless precious and amazing experiences. We have practiced many different training disciplines over the years and travelled big parts of Europe for dog shows. I treasure our fantastic teamwork; I think we were a real dream team – you and me.

It only took 6 weeks for an aggressive cancer tumour to change our life unexpectedly. So, with Mandela’s dignity and mental happiness intact, it was time to say goodbye.

It’s the end of an era; you were one of a kind. Together we accomplished an exceptional list of achievements making you the most winning black Chow Chow in Danish history.

You leave me with a broken heart, but also a heart full of the best memories. Until we meet again – goodbye my love

Forever in my heart

Mandela (Piuk Chow Possesses Black Passion)
10.09.2010 – 15.04.2021

More about Mandela

Danish Kennel Clubs member magazine ’Hunden’ published an article on their online platform as a tribute to Mandela. What an honour. You can read it here: Tribute to Mandela

You can also visit Mandelas page and see more pictures and results. Click for Mandelas page.

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