First half year in 2017

It has been a good start of the year. The Chow Chow's have all done well at different dog shows and new titles have also been added.

With a number of Best Of Breed in both Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg and The Netherlands Mandela has had a good start in 2017. Perfectly followed up with Best In Group #2 / #3 in both Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands – and of course the exceptionally Best In Show at the International show in Vejen - read more here. He has also added a new titles; Luxembourg Champion and Benelux Winner.

After a break in shows in 2016 due to the growing pains, Maggie has had a good start in 2017. She has become Luxembourg Junior Champion and VDH Europe Junior winner 2017. In the first half of the year she has also won certificates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden as well as two CACIBs in Sweden. So she has already "collected" for future champion titles when she grows older.

Due to the puppy litter at the end of 2016, Nelly have not had a good “Show coat”, so only a few shows for her last part of this half year. However, those few times she been showed she has done well and she has also added a new title to her resume; Luxembourg Champion.

Chow Chow Hjelme Piuk Chow Possesses Black Passion og Stine Hjelme, Benelux Winner

Chow Chow Hjelme Piuk Chow Sweet Magic Of Phantasy og Stine Hjelme

Chow Chow Hjelme Bao-Fang's Hong-Se Yue-Liang og Stine Hjelme

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